Monday, April 13, 2009

First Day - 06/04/09

Looking back, to each step I gave in my life, I come to the subtle conclusion that nothing happens by chance. While writing these lines, in Axis Vienna hotel, I ask myself about other types of lines: the lines that define our path and unite us with the lines of other people.

By this thinking, the question always arises, relevant and even sarcastic. What is the Destiny? What exists beyond all that exists? What led to the floor where we walk and what led to the air that we breathe? What gave rise to any action/reaction pair and the law of physics that led up to this minute 00:34 on 7 April 2009?

God? Jehovah? Christ? Allah? Buddha? Or everything is just chemistry and physics?

Whatever the answer, something arises always like the word repeated so today and in the last months of my life: ENERGY

I never could explain what energy is, almost the same way I could never explain love.

Throughout today, I realized that is a definition that I will never understand. However, I know that energy exists in the same way I know it must be managed.

I know it by seeing all those souls on the bus, so different on the outside and inside but all with the same purpose: purpose to exist.

Because energy can not be defined but can be seen in the eyes of these people, in the motivations that make them be here, at the beginning of a week dedicated to the concepts of Management and Renewable Energy.

So, in the same way that we can speak of thermal energy, kinetic, mechanical, electrical or potential, we can also speak about Portuguese, Japanese, Indian, Brazilian, English, American or Russians.

We are all different forms of the same basic source: energy, the elemental energy that unites us.

Because when we talk about energy, when we seek that definition, as the alchemist in search of the philosopher stone, always we got the same starting point:


This was the lesson that I learned today.

Energy is not only the kinetic energy of wind exploited by the wind towers built in Enercon, and not only is the power contained in the cables produced by Cabelte.


Energy is much more than that. It is the dissolving of stereotypes when an Indian explains to a Portuguese how marriage in India works, or when a Japanese discusses with a Russian about technology.

When we talk about renewable energy I look at all these cultures, traditions and ways so unique of thinking, and think about how flexible can be my thinking and perception of what surrounds me.

When we talk about energy management I do not think only in Earth but in every human being that step, every word exchanged today, each sentence of English scratched by every accent so different.

And I finally come to the conclusion that energy has no language, has no religion, has no tradition or color of skin.

Today, I realized that in order to manage energy we need to know how to manage people around us, because we depend of them as much as we depend of energy.

Before we renew energy we must know how to renew us from within, in order to renew the way we are living, the world we share, and ourselves.

Because we so, we are all energy.


Kamikaze said...

Wel written friend! I think you should post on facebook group as many are preferring it and all can post.

Kamikaze said...

btw, kamikaze is ur indian fren kalpesh

João Estima said...

Salam Kalpesh, my dear indian friend!

I could not say goodbye to you becuse we left to Oceanario and you were at the shopping mall! It was the only thing that i am sorry about the fantastic week!

Send me your e-mail. I dont have the e-mails of the people, and send me the link to the facebook please.

See ya =)

Kamikaze said...
the group in face book is

Energy Week: Portugal - New Energy World from Europe´s West Coast

daydo84 said...

i'm Darine from TUNISIA..
u have a special style of nice the articls..
the words touch us all ..
we will be all usually ENERGOS;-)
obrigado PORTUGAL for the amazing week..we enjoyed it a lot with the nice people from all the country..
keep on touch:-)