Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Welcome to ENERGOS 2009

First of all, why ENERGOS?

the word comes from the Greek meaning “active, working” and the team of Energos blog, besides of being aware of the concept of energy, wants to be pro-active and share the aknowlodgement that we all learned in the energy field.

With this in mind, the minister for economy and inovation of Portugal, the fifth renewable energy producer country in the world, had the idea of creating an Energy Week. This initiative aimed to gather university students from all around the world, to show Portugal, to melt knowlegment and professional experiences and merge them with the will to go further, to open minds going beyond cultural issues, and become people of the world, in the very beginning of what our grandsons will call the Energy Revolution.

The Energy Week started at 6th of April 2009 and hosted students from Brazil, Venezuela, USA, Angola, Mozambique, Morrfoco, Tunisia, Lybia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, India, China, Japan, and, of course, Portugal.

In this Blog we will show the subjects we covered in the Energy Week, talk about personal lessons and experiences, and, most of all, our hope that this Week may become a way to unite people. Like energy, we all are a living force that can change the world for the better.


Sarah said...

I created a group picture spot where everyone can upload pictures they took and download the ones they want.

The web address is here:

Or you can go to and sign in with the username: EnergyWeek and the password: energos2009

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Hi ppl, hope you all reached home comfortably. Has anyone got hold of the video that was made with the nice song?? please put it up on youtube. And one who has the email IDs, please circulate. - Kalpesh Karnik, India!